We will provide you with an ECR fibre glass mat for your short-liner application, the so-called “packers”. The mat can be cut to different lengths for different pipe dimensions. Of course, our glass fibre laminate is compatible with all available resins.

Mat width 950 mm – 2540 mm
Layer thickness 1 mm
Resin UP/VE/EP
Carrier ECR glass fibre
Grammage from 600g/m2


Damaged pipes of private and industrial users can be repaired economically and environmentally friendly with in_flex lining. This method is suitable for cracks, root ingrowth and leaks that extend along the entire pipe run. Pipes with difficult geometries can be handled with a flexible in_flex lining (synthetic felt or ECR glass).

Diameter range DN50–DN200
Thickness 3mm – 6mm
Resin UP/VE/EP
Carrier ECR glass fiber ECR or synthetic felt
Installation method Inversion
Method of curing UV or temperature


PARAMETERS in_led resin uv
Resin Styreneless polyester
Method of curing UV or UV LED
Possible carriers Glass fiber ECR or Felt
Carrier ECR glass fibre
Soaking method Vacuum
Odor Low-odor
Short-term modulus of elasticity ≥ 3 500 N/mm2


High-quality ECR glass fibre UV-cured renovation liner. Economical and friendly to install on site. Extends the life of the network without the need for major construction work.

PARAMETERS in_liner 2.1
Diameter range DN150-DN2000
Thickness ≤ 20 mm*, in 1 mm
*thicker liners available for order
Maximum liner length 300 m
Resin UP/VE
Carrier ECR glass fibre
Installation method Pulling
Method of curing UV
Short term modulus
of elasticity
≥ 21 500 N/mm2
National Technical Assessment ITB-KOT-2019/0749
Exhibits resistance to internal pressure
and chemical agents